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You get lost in a forest. You have to find a way out, and the only way you can see is a strange little path... seems like somebody else had got lost here before. He/She left some notes to help you. Let's see what happens next...

credit to font goes to Sinister Fonts

Published Jul 02, 2017
AuthorThe Red Ghost Studio
TagsDark, Fantasy, Horror, Low-poly


Cave of Darkness_32.rar 21 MB
Cave Of darkness_64.rar 23 MB


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Made a video - 

Thank you very much xP.

hi and big thx for your little fine game :) i had so much fun :) greetings from germany

thenk you very much . I was watching the video with enormous smile on my face even i did not understand word you  where saying . it's really a big thing for me to see someone else the people i asked to play plays my game and sorry for game to be short and pointles it was mad for game jam in 3  days by me my friend NicksonG 

thank yo so much my friend. it means a lot to us. Hope you enjoyed playing it as much as we enjoyed making it :)

Pretty neat.

woo Can't wait